Takeaways from Evy Poumpouras’ new book

Guide for seed stage founders

  1. What price points are your competitors and substitutes? — The answer “we have no competition” often reflects narrow scope…

One Page of Peer Reviewed Publications, Fighting Against Misinformation.

If you are a scientist and have verified information on this page, or see errors to correct, please message me. The goal is to consolidate all the correct data so we can work together.

Why I don’t laugh at Flying Cars: the Economics and Physics Make Sense

Why the Timing is Perfect; Top Disruptors to Watch

Applications in Data Science, Training Models and Investing

In 1980s Las Vegas, Benter made about $80,000 a year as a member of a professional blackjack team. Source: Bloomberg and
  1. Go directly to the academic papers. Benter…

Real Examples of How to Stretch Every Impact Investing Dollar

Four-Decade Perspective

Dalio visiting China in the 80s. Source: Dalio and Bridgewater.

I Listened to the Whole Thing, so You Don’t Have to

Gwen Cheni

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